Updated: Jun 23

Do you ever feel the need to take a trip somewhere incredible with someone you love? Or maybe you need to unwind and enjoy some self-care. Whangamatā, a small beach town on the northeast coast of New Zealand, is a gem of stunning scenery, spectacular coastlines and endless activities to suit everyone's needs.

Ready to dive in? Here are our top four reasons why Whangamatā is your ultimate holiday destination.

1. Donut Island

One of the main attractions in Whangamatā is the Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as Donut Island. Part of four small islands, this unique paradise is located 800 meters off the coast of Whangamatā and is a natural treasure. The only way to reach the wildlife sanctuary is by kayak or stand-up paddle board, making the visit even more adventurous! The paddle from the beach only takes 15 to 30 minutes. With a bit of luck, you might even spot the beautiful Korora, the Little Blue Penguins. The chances of sighting a pod of dolphins or whales migrating past Whangamatā are high. So pack your camera and prepare for an awe-inspiring adventure!

2. Whangamata Surf

If your life mantra is "Live, Love, Surf", Whangamatā beach is the ultimate place to catch the perfect wave. Whangamata beach offers extraordinary coastline scenery and the best waves for all-year-round conditions. No matter your experience, Whangamata Surf School offers you a comprehensive introduction to surfing or progress lessons. The experienced teachers will cover surfing etiquette, wave selection, and ocean knowledge. You will find yourself riding your first wave in a blink of an eye and feel part of the big surf family.

3. Whangamatā Ridges Mountain Bike Park

If you have an passion for bikes and trails, Whangamatā has what you need.

Whangamatā Ridges Mountain Bike Park has something to offer for everyone. So whether you're looking for an easy and fun ride or you're an intermediate biker chasing challenges and adrenaline, the Mountain Bike Park will fill your need for adventure. Not to mention that the park is set in a blend of bushes and forest and offers stunning landscapes with spectacular views over the beaches and sea.

4. Whangamatā Yoga Studios - The Drift Yoga Studio and Take a breath

In Whangamatā, they care a lot about health, and they believe that yoga is a great way to reconnect with your soul, heal your body and make peace with your mind.

The Drift Yoga Studio is located in the heart of Whangamatā town, and April – founder and teacher - will escort you in her realm of vinyasa, slow flows, and yin yoga classes. Although booking in advance is always suggested, walk-in yogis are welcome.

Take a Breath Studio is also an excellent choice if you wish to soothe your soul after a beach day. Tamara, co-founder and lead yoga instructor, offers various activities focused on the body and mental health, such as thai-chi, yoga, pilates, meditation power plate, and many more!

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